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MINE MIRS is a magical mirror designed to solve the problem of insufficient light when applying or removing makeup. With a powerful LED ring, the brightness and color temperature of which is freely adjustable, MINE MIRS enables users to create professional makeup lighting in any environment. The LED ring is also interactive. This novel way of operation gives users a new experience that is easy, elegant, interesting, and cool. Despite the powerful functions, the overall thickness is merely 6.6mm, thus convenient to carry.

Swipe clockwise to increase brightness and counterclockwise to decrease brightness. Double-click to change the color temperature.

4 color options available

Designed by Mine Mirs

Main Features:
– Simulated sunlight / three color temperature options / smart sensor / USB rechargable / eye protection
– Color rendering index Ra95, turn freely, high-definition silver-plated mirror
– Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, working time for 7 days ( in daily mode, 20 minutes per day )
– 60 lamp beads evenly arranged around, energy-saving and environment-friendly
– Three modes: daily makeup mode, surprise makeup mode, dating preview mode
– The diamond polishing process, high-definition silver plating, durable and practical
– Built-in infrared detection sensor: It will be bright when you use the mirror,  and it will automatically turn off after 10 seconds when you went off. The sensing distance is less than 30cm.
– Metal base, light and versatile, more stable
– Silicone button design, comfortable to the touch

Main features:
Comes from the eco-chain Xiaomi: zwleai.
Professional electric hair dryer with negative ions.
Hair Dryer Travel Household Hair Dryer Hairdressing Tools Hair Dryer.
Lightweight, compact and portable design, 1.7m PVC retractable power line.
Voltage frequency 220 V / 50 HZ, nominal power 1800 W with trendy look with gray dryer body and white handle.
3 temperature modes for you to choose, big blade to make the air flow strong.
Safe and healthy, totally safe for the health of your hair. (do not get too close)
Perfect for use at home / at the hotel; or you can take it on vacation, or travel.
Once and for all, Durable for years.


- Hot Steam Protection, smooth your disorder hair, and permeates your hair scales.
- Keratin Coating, three-layer coating, 4-Keratin + Tourmaline Power + Ceramic Glaze.
- 5 Levels Temperatures Control, adjustable temperatrue, satisfy different needs.
- MCH System with LED Indicator Light For 15 Seconds Fat Warming,less damage, just needing 15s to shape your beautiful hairstyle.
- 6-Hole Steam Output, averaged steam volume, designed for hairstyle making.
- Easy to use and storage, simple on-off switch for easy operation.
- Detailed Features: 10ml Water Tank, Anti-slip Design, Dual-layer Anti High Temperature Body, etc.


Features at a glance: 
– Strong wind, 1200W high power produces strong, consistent airflow to dry your hair, even thick, wavy hair
– Uniform heat with overheat protection, it does not hurt hair, eco-friendly, no radiation, energy-saving and durable to use
– Two-speed shift control to meet a variety of hairdressing needs, quickly dry your long hair and save your time
– Retractable cord and folding handle for convenient storage. Dual voltage can be switched freely for worldwide use

– Power: 1200W
– Voltage: 110/220V, 50/60Hz
– Power cord length: 1.85m


Package weight:0.3400 kg
Package size (L x W x H):20.70 x 0.67 x 12.60 cm / 8.15 x 0.26 x 4.96 inches
Package Contents:1 x Hair Dryer, 1 x Storage Bag, 1 x Nozzle



working frequency:108Hz
Input port: Type-c
Size: 190*70mm

XIAOMI SOTHING Geometric Humidifier Electric Air Humidifier Water Nebulizer 

- Geometric Shape
SOTHING draws inspiration from the geometric symbols and uses the expression of the device art to transform and combine the traditional humidifiers. The collision of geometric elements and color blocks constitutes a balance like a plane.
- Marble Texture Design
Top marble texture design, minimalist, stylish, classic and modern
- Transparent Sink 
The sink is made of a transparent matte PC material, making it easier to monitor the remaining amount of water at any time.
- Modular Atomizing Device 
The easy-to-remove handle-type modular atomizing device can be placed in a pocket and carried around, and can be inserted and used in a cup, a small bowl or the like. A sufficient width is reserved between the handle and the suction pipe to ensure compatibility with containers of different thicknesses, breaking the time and space constraints.
- 260ML Reasonable Water Capacity 
The reasonable capacity of 260ML, long-term use and light weight, also reduces the retention of moisture, ensuring the humidification effect, opening the large-diameter sink, adding water and changing water is very easy


H3S Hair Dryer Main Features:

High air volume, dry hair in 5 minutesInnovative diversion design, high concentration anion, hair care

57 Deg.C constant temperature, evenly heated without hurting your hair
1800W strong power, increase the air volume, strong airflow, dry hair and effectively prevent overheating damage
360-degree rotating removable wind vent, blow your favourite hair type
Three temperature options, one touch to switch, easy to operate
Double anti-scalding nozzle design, effectively avoiding scalding

Materila: Environmental polyurethane sponge material
Color: As the pictures
Weight: About 150g


The use of environmentally friendly polyurethane sponge material, 3D split vault

skeleton, the face no sense of support.
Light breathing anti-haze masks, unbridled breathing, not just cool, filtration efficiency

of more than 97% PM2.5, effectively blocking more than 0.3um bacteria.
TPU stretch film composite super fine sponge, the more comfortable the band,

comfortable ear hook design, strong tensile, flexible fit.
Food-grade selection, intimate personal protection, easy to breathe,

even exercise can wear a smooth breathing.
Large-caliber cold flow breathing valve, and said wet bye-bye, large diameter cold flow breathing

valve 40mm in diameter, 0.3mm thin silicone valve, return to natural breathing experience

Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 28.2mm
Net Weight: 1.9Kg
Color: White
Panel material: super white glass
Bottom Material: ABS
Operation System: Android 4.4, iOS above
ios iOS7.0 above: iPhone 4s/5/5c/5s/6/6Plus

Best Partner with toner
USB RECHARGEABLE Moisturizing & Hydrating are important
Work pressure, Aging, Skin pressure, Water-oil unbalance, lose water, cause skin problems! Replenish skin nourishment and water.

Refreshing cleanse skin, Replenish skin water and nourishment
Via moisturizing& hydrating, skin fulls of water. Moisturizing solve drought;
Balancing relieve skin moist, Hydrating hydrate skin. Light skin is fresh, good absorbency. Lustrous full and bright skin.
Delicate skin Smooth Clear& Fresh.

Micron hydration deep penetration
Deep penetration of skin pores, improved dry skin.
Light and portable with one hand
Ultra-light rails, 10W life, one-handed operation. The whole machine weighs 70g, thin and light.
The portable size is small and does not take up space in the bag.
Spray delicate hydrating without damaging the makeup
The spray is fine and the amount of fog is large. Moist but not wet, the spray is soft and not easy to be in the skin
Water is formed on the surface, and water is not applied.
Moisturizing lock water
Reuse is more environmentally friendly.
Large water molecules of ordinary live spring water are difficult to penetrate, while Sheface hydrates.
The instrument allows layers of tiny water molecules to penetrate the skin.

Environmentally friendly
The bag space is reusable and more environmentally friendly.



Name: Smart portable pill case
Size: 11.3 x 11.3 cm x 2.7 cm
Net weight: 120g
Color: white
Material: ABS
Powered by AAA battery(Not included )

The small yueLi wireless hair straightener is made of environmental material, portable and elegant, easy to carry, convenient for traveling or working. Large built-in 2500 mAh battery, combined with sanding technology and professional MGH heating element, offers you a suitable and durable hair style.
* Mini wireless hair straightener yueLi made in environmental material, has a sleek portable rounded design and a perfect edge that provides a feeling of pleasant handling. The Adorable light body is easy to carry, convenient for traveling or working.
* The adoption of sanding technology, the matt body adds some functions, such as high temperature resistance, dust resistance, degree of cleanliness, degree of durability.
* The large integrated 2500 mAh battery and intelligent power protection provide you with a long-term and secure service.
* Professional MGH heating element, more efficient to make a style for you, shortens the high temperature time to reduce the heat damage of the hair.
* Can be used as a temporary power bank for the phone in case of emergency.
Brand: Xiaomi
Product: Wireless mini hair straightener yueLi
Color: Black, Pink (optional)
Battery: 2500 Mah
Product size: approx. 19.3 * 2.3 * 3.5 cm / 7.60 * 0.91 * 1.38in
Product weight: approx. 164g / 5.64 oz
Package size: approx. 24 * 10 * 8 cm / 9.45 * 3.94 * 3.54in
Package weight: Approx.500g / 17.64 oz

1. High performance magnetic suspension acoustic motor

More than 31,000 pulsations per minute of vibration, power output torque up to 230gf. cm *, more efficient delivery to the brush, tooth gap, cleaning plate

2. Brush head without high density rust

The free design of Metal makes the head of the brush not rust, respectful of the environment and healthy. It uses the high quality soft bristles selected by DuPont from the United States, a high density planting process to increase approximately 40% of the gross amount *. Each Sow is treated by sanding, to avoid the worn gums of the hair, to scratch the surface of the teeth.

3. Customize a variety of brushing patterns

Electric toothbrush sound wave meter through the switch key to change the standard mode, soft and personalized mode, the user can choose to brush the dental pattern to meet the basic daily cleaning needs.

4. Recognition of brushing posture and reporting

By using Bluetooth to connect to the application, you can also view the data for each brushing, record the duration, coverage, uniformity, etc., and view and share each time, weekly and monthly reports for dental care.


Rated voltage: 3.7 V
Nominal power: 2 W
Waterproof classification: IPX7 (toothbrush and loading dock)
Charging time : More than 12 h
Battery : 700 mAh Li-ion battery

XIAOMI Mijia Portable Water Ion Quick Dry Mi Hair Dryer 1800W Three-gear Adjustment Temperature Low Roise Blow Dryer

– [ Water Ion, Hair Depth Care & Bring Softness And Shine ] :
— Neutralizing static electricity, soothing dry ranunculus; Replenish moisture, smooth and knotted; Improve gloss, bright and elastic.
– [ Water Ion Technology, Blow Dry Hair Not Drying ] :
— Condensation needle built into the air outlet condenses moisture in the air; Reduce static electricity and improve hair gloss.
– [ Independent Water Ion Channel Design ] :
— Avoid high temperature interference with long distance transport; Free from blowing high temperature loss, direct to the depths of the hair.
– [ Strong Wind Volume ] :
— Smart temperature control, quick dry hair, not hurting the hair.

– [ High Torque & Speed, With Brand Motor ] :
— With 6 airfoil blades, output 1.6m of large air volume per minute, bring a quieter and more enjoyable experience.
– [ Built-in NTC smart temperature control ] :
— Hot and cold air circulation, three-gear adjustment, effectively avoid overheating damage to the hair.
– [ Magnetic Anti-scalding Nozzle & UV Hand Paint & MINI Shape ] :
— Lightweight and comfortable hand feeling, skin-friendly, delicate and dirt-resistant material, effective isolated heat


Mijia Dr.Bei Electric Toothbrush offers optimal comfort with a truly deep clean for you with its high-efficiency magnetic levitation motor and high-density planting brush. The brush can clean your teeth and gums, whiten your teeth, prevent tooth decay, remove plaque, coffee stain and calculus. Use the standard clean mode to complete your everyday tooth cleaning route, or the gentle mode to take care of your gum health.

The following features make Xiaomi Dr.Bei Electric Toothbrush out of the ordinary
1. High-performance magnetic suspension acoustic motor
More than 31,000 beats per minute vibration, more efficient delivery to the brush, scour tooth gap, clean plaque.
2. High density non-rust metal-free brush head
Metal-free design makes the brush head rust-free, environmentally friendly and healthy. Selected the United States DuPont selected high-quality soft bristles, each bristles are treated by sanding, to avoid the hair hart worn gums, scratch the teeth surface.
3. Customize a variety of brushing patterns
Meter sound wave electric toothbrush through the switch key to switch the standard mode, soft mode and personalized custom, the user can freely choose to brush the tooth pattern to meet the daily basic tooth cleaning needs.
4. Lasting power, keep the brush head pressed
The toothbrush head can maintain a stable brush head vibration amplitude and high efficiency when subjected to a pressing force of 200g, ensuring efficient cleaning power at all times.
5. Patented bristles layout, more thorough cleaning
The mountain structure + sandwich bristles layout can quickly penetrate the gingival sulcus and clean the teeth scientifically.
6. Clean teeth and shin guards, using Japanese imported antibacterial ultra-fine soft brush head A
Brush head A specifies three kinds of sharpened soft hair produced by Toray of Japan, 0.02mm tip, which can easily penetrate the gingival sulcus and reduce gum bleeding. The bristles are also antibacterial, so the wet bathroom doesn’t have to worry about getting sick.
7. US DuPont nylon brush head B, super clean power
Brush head B is a strong tooth-cleaning brush head with DuPont high-quality nylon bristles for toughness. Each bristles are sanded to avoid gum damage. Use at night to clean your teeth and keep your mouth clean and fresh all night.
8. The whole machine is 90g, ultra-light body
The whole machine weighs only 90g and is very light in the hand.
9.25mm diameter, comfortable grip
Through unremitting efforts to control the volume of the toothbrush, the body diameter is only 25mm, small and exquisite, easy to hold.
10. Gradually start, brush your teeth without splashing
Preventing a sudden strong shock when brushing your teeth can cause discomfort to the teeth, while preventing the toothpaste bubble from splashing around.
11. Strong and weak two gears, change the brushing force as you like.
According to the sensitivity of your teeth, you can choose two gears, standard mode and soft mode.
12.30 seconds reminder, brush each tooth in 2 minutes
13. IPX7 waterproof, and can be used in a humid environment.
14. High quality travel box
Bring it, so travel can easily keep your teeth fresh.


1. It has several modes that can be easily switched from one hand even during the drying process. It can be used for conventional drying, volume increase, curling and styling. 
2. This hair dryer is absolutely safe for the health of your hair. If you dry your locks at a distance of 15 cm, it will not hurt and will not over-dry. 
3. The wire near the handle is reliably protected against possible sprains and fractures. 
4. It has incredible design and compact forms, it becomes portable, which allows you to take it with you on holidays, holidays and other different trips.


Main Features:
●Innovative color touch screen For easy and intuitive settings
● Features Miss area reminder, built-in 6-axis gyroscope can identify and monitor 8 areas in the oral cavity, remind you of missing areas at the screen and APP
● Smart App control, 20 + brushing schemes To choose according to cleaning requirements and dental condition
● AI lower-frequency tooth protection mode, can be used safely on Sensitive teeth, loose teeth and dentures
● Strong cleaning ability, 32-level frequency Conversion speed regulation, adapt to most oral conditions
● Equipped with magnetic suspension brushless motor, low noise, 10 times the life of ordinary motors
● Copper-free brush head, German equipment and technology to provide more comfortable brushing experience and cleanliness
● Comes with a 2-in-1 base, can be used as a charger or holder
● Built-in 800mAh battery, can use a month after fully charged


Description :

  • Are you still upset by various nasal discomforts?
  • XIAOMI Electric Nasal Wash set will solve your problems.
  • Nasal cleaning / Rotary nozzle / Charging and portable / Washable water tank
  • 200ML capacity / Detachable / Easy to clean / Long time to use
  • IPX7 body waterproof, more peace of mind.
  • USB Charging–Easy to use and convenient for travel.
  • The charging cable is 1.5m, Fully charged in 4 hours.
  • For example, nasal congestion, sneezing, allergic rhinitis, etc.
  • Third files flow modes, Give you a variety of cleaning care
  • High-grade mode
  • Common nasal problems, allergies, nasal itching, etc.
  • Low-grade mode
  • Daily nasal care, such as sneezing, runny nose, etc.
  • Pulse mode
  • Deep cleaning can effectively relieve sinusitis, etc.
Package Included:
  • 1 x Electric Nasal irrigator
  • 2 x Nozzle heads
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable

How to use:

  • 1.Add hot water to the 200 ml mark.
  • 2.Pour a 1.86g pack of nasal wash salt into the water bottle.
  • 3.Insert the nozzle into the fuselage.
  • 4. select the flow mode.
  • 5.Place the nozzle head near a nostril, turn on the switch and start cleaning the nasal cavity.
  • (Do not inhale while cleaning the nasal cavity)
  • It is not recommended to use this product for children under 5 years old.

Original Xiaomi Mi TDS Pen
Pen which can test the quality of the water, it also determines whether purification is required. Mi TDS Pen reacts to organic compounds, and heavy metals like nickel, chromium etc. and soluble salt content. The pen is IPX6 waterproof and has automatic temperature calibration and precision in measurement.




GENERAL Brand: Xiaomi
Special function: Measuring Water Quality Purity
Product weight: 0.0300 kg
Package weight: 0.1100 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 9.00 x 5.00 x 4.00 cm / 3.54 x 1.97 x 1.57 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 32.00 x 12.00 x 7.00 cm / 12.6 x 4.72 x 2.76 inches
Package Contents: 1 x TDS Pen

● IPX7 waterproof performance, suitable for wet and dry shaving
● Double-ring blade network design, easily remove all kinds of whiskers
● Stainless steel cutting head, 360-degree cutting movement
● Charge for 8 hours and run for 45 minutes 
● Built-in 2 x 450mAh lithium battery


Host size:137mm × 34mm × 39mm

Screen size:25.7mm × 19.1mm
Product Type:FDIR – V14
Product weight:90g
Measuring position: forehead center
Measuring distance: ≤ 3cm
Power supply: DC 3V, 2 × 1.5V AAA battery
Measuring range: 32 ° C – 42.9 ° C
Measuring accuracy: 35 ° C – 42 ° C Range: ± 0.2 ° C Other range: ± 0.3 ° C
Resolution: 0.1 ° C
Clinical reproducibility:within ± 0.3 ° C
Operating environment range :16.0 ° C – 35.0 ° C ≤ 85% RH 70kPa – 106kPa
Description :
3 Features : High speed motor / Sharp cutter head / Waterproof
Get rid of excess nose hair/Easily drive away awkward.
Portable design, convenient and easy for travel.
Mini body shell & matte surface, give you a comfortable feeling.
Bottom concealed switch & reduce error handing.
The touch-sensitive concealed push switch is ingeniously designed to achieve a sealed waterproof effect.
2 Control Channels, Mini Portable Ear Nose Hair Shaver Trimmer Clipper Safe Cleaner Tool for both women/men.
More Features, Magnetic,Ride On,Slot, Hope you will like it 

Main features:
● High density American DuPont bristles, rust-free, metal-free, environmentally friendly and healthy 
● Mini head design helps clean hard-to-reach interdental areas 
● The number of bristles is increased by 40pct and each Sow is rounding to avoid scratching the surface of the tooth or damage the gums 
● With the replacement cycle reminder, you can check the remaining life of brush heads by the application 
● Suitable for Xiao my home Sonic toothbrush

  • 2 blades, 360-degree float shaving 
  • Dicyclic knife net and dicyclic blade 
  • Acceleration gear, deep cleansing 
  • 7200m / minute cutting speed 
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Built-in lithium battery, charge for 2 hours and run for 90 minutes 
  • Material: steel
3 Heads 360° Flex Shaving Clean and Fast
Dry Wet Shave Washable
Main-Sub Dual Blade
Turbo+  Mode
Adapted, Comfy, Clean, Washable
Long Standby, Quick Charging…

Induced bubble foam
Moisturizing face skin

Effective oily face control
Power Saving,9 month battey life.
ABS Abrasive body dirt-resistant

This facial wash works for men to rejuvenate the skin.
XIAOMI Cleanser is a gentle face wash. Help to cleanse away dulling skin cells.
All skin types will see the nourishing benefits of this professional-grade formula.Ensure that you see youth restored to the skin.
Penetrating deep to keep the skin hydrated this oil cleanser uses a combination of soothing oils and moisturizers to leave the face with a boost of hydration and a clean feel for both morning and night.
1. 620 spray holes for atomizing film, the amount of fog is bigger and more enjoyable
2. Ultrasonic vibration frequency is up to 220,000 times per second, and the atomization effect is more uniform
3. The particle diameter is only 1/10 of the hair, and the skin is more easily absorbed.
4. Micron-sized particles, don't worry about flower makeup
5. Weighs only 41g, very lightweight and portable
6. 20ml large water tank, enough for 13 minutes
7. Give 50ml fresh water, hydrating good companion, French imported kiwi natural extract, close to body fluid for better absorption
8. Colorful purple LED, good-looking and easy to use

Product specification

Product Name: inFace gold beauty bar
Brand Name: inFace
Product appearance: gold
Product size: 151mm*39mm*16mm
Product net weight: about 80g
Working time: about 300 minutes (using millet 5th battery when testing)
Working current: 100mA
Working voltage: 1.5∨
Power mode: No. 5 dry battery
Test room temperature: 25 ° C

Material composition: 316 stainless steel, gold-plated massage head

  • Deep face cleaning
  • Food grade silicone,soft and skin friendly
  • IPX 7 grade waterproof
  • 90 seconds timing cleaning
  • Double acoustic wave technology
  • 3 leave massage mode for you to choose
  • Long time standby, for one fully charged, you can use twice a day for almost 3 months
  • Portable design, you can carry it as you like
  • 3 parts cleaning area for you to use: deep cleaning, ordinary cleaning, fine cleaning

* Sonic vibration can help you to clean gently oil, dirt and the makeup remains on your face deeply.
* 3D shaped head increases mild vibration to promote facial skin and treatment points. Relax the facial muscles.
* Ion absorption to enhance the complexion’s natural glow, making your skin look more youthful.
* Compact size and lightweight body is easy to carry outside, convenient for travelling.
* Waterproof design, metal touching conductor, anti-slip rear ring, the Face Cleaner is safe to use.

Brand: Xiaomi
Product: inFace Facial Cleanser
Model: MS1000
Color: White
Battery: 600mAh
Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 280-330mA
Charge way: wireless sensoring
Material: titanium, foodgrade silicone, ABS
Product Weight: Approx. 158g/5.57oz
Product Size: Approx. 17.05*4.64*4.51cm/6.71*1.83*1.78in
Package Weight: Approx. 200g/7.05oz
Package Size:  Approx. 25.00*12.00*4.00cm/9.84*4.72*1.57in

Brand:Enchen [ Xiaomi Cooperation Brand ]
Model:Black Stone 3D Electric Shaver
Color:Cool Black
Rated Power:5W
Rated Voltage:5V
Features:- 3D Floating Cutter Head
- Smart anti-pinch shaving
- Long lasting over 2 months
Charging Time 60 mins
Charging Method USB Charging
Size:155 x 53mm / 6.10" x 2.09"
Net Weight:139g

Main features:
● High efficiency magnetic levitation motor to effectively clean dental space and remove plaque 
● High density metal free planting brush without scratching your gums or damaging the surface 
● 2 cleaning modes for your free choice
● A large toothbrush for travel-super lightweight use 
● Compact and built-in body, IPX7 sealing rating 


– hair collecting canister:
It can not only maximize the use of space, but also achieve simple operation and effectively remove all kinds of foreign objects such as hair and dust.
– Clothing protective net:
It can effectively isolate the Sharp Edge of the Sharp knife and prevent the clothing from being cut by mistake.
– Internal circulation hair gathering system:
When using, the hair ball can be transported directly to the storage tank by strong airflow, convenient for daily cleaning.
– Durable materials:
Adopts ABS, stainless steel and PC material, stable and durable to use.
– Detachable tri-blade head design:
The blade head can be removed for cleaning easily.
– Easy operation:
With comfortable and simple button design, you can operate the lint remover conveniently.


Main desiccant adopts polymer mix, dehumidifying effect is good.
With three-piece ceramic PTC heater, it has good thermal conductivity.
With compact design, it doesn't take up space and can be placed easily.
Uniform porous design can greatly improve the moisture absorption efficiency.
Visual window design makes it easy to see the working situation.
Made of durable material, stable and reliable.


-  Physics to Kill Mosquitoes
Since mosquitoes prefer ultraviolet light, rocket mosquito killer will inhale mosquitoes into the box for storage mosquitoes. Chemical insecticides are not used at work , and the physical destruction of mosquitoes is safer-

polishing every detail of product
have been polished in dozens of crafts to make the curves of the body more fit and smooth. The color of the body has been adjusted several times to create a color that looks very full and bright.

-Mustic temptation of UV light
Because mosquitoes prefer ultraviolet light, Dark light reduces visual disturbances and facilitates night work. No smoke, dust, and irritating odors are produced during work, reducing the positivity of respiratory discomfort -

Broader Usage Scenarios

Powered by the Micro USB interface, Rocket Mosquito Killer is compatible with most mobile phone chargers and charge treasures. Fun rocket design, adaptable to children's room, personal dressing table, bedside cabinet, etc.

-Extra Large Button
The top of the orange button switch design, a button to open and close after power on, children can also easily use

Xiaomi AMIRO Rechargable LED Daylight Cosmetic Makeup Mirror Adjustable Countertop 60 Degree Rotating Mirror
1. 3 kinds of light intensity: adapt to different times, capture the details of skin and make-up.
2. 95% of the sun’s similarity, with a color power comparable to natural light.
3. Accurately restore rosy, true skin and makeup colors on skin tone and red color.
4. 2000 mAh large battery, 1 charge, for 1 week using.
5. Brightness is 3 times that of traditional LED mirrors.
6.0-60° mirror adjustable, the shaft passes the 80,000 opening and closing fatigue test.
7. Round structure base can store cosmetics.

Brand: Xiaomi AMIRO
Product model: AML004
color: White
Input: 5V-1A
Input power: 5W
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Product net weight: about 600g
Gross weight: 700g
Product size: 320*201*162mm/12.59*7.91*6.37”
Packing size: 350*205*200mm/13.77*8.07*7.87”


● This product, please use so as not to directly touch the skin or underwear. Please be used in the most outside in the case of clothing.
● body, the chlorine dioxide generating agent, please do not disassemble or opened.
● people of infants and dementia, places exposed to there is no place or in direct sunlight that pet touches, please save to avoid the hot and humid place.
● You may feel the odor properties of this product. Please do not use if you feel the accident of the body.
● If you have a chlorine allergy, please refrain from using it.
Please note that in the case of clothing color patterned so have some of the bleaching action ●.
● Because this product is that there is a possibility of corrosion of the metal, please do not place near, such as precious metals and precision machinery.
● Please pay attention to the burns.
Please pay attention to the neck strap is not entangled in the neck ●.
● Please do not use at bedtime.
● The use situation is different from the effect of the component. Can not be exhibited sufficiently effective in the outdoors or air flow is strong location of the wind.
Should ●, if the eyes, please rinse immediately with plenty of water.
● close to the fire, rain and sweat, water wet, etc., please do not use in a watery place.


The Funny Cartoon app draws the attention of children, teaches them to brush their teeth. 
Soft rubber small head and antibacterial soft brush, poisonous tasteless. 
Timely pressure induction protects children's teeth from harm. 
Waterproof design for direct cleaning after use 
With replaceable cartoon pattern


Type: Multi-Function Beauty Equipment

Color: White

Function: Skin Care Material: ABS Application:

Family Feature: Black Head Remover

Product name: Blackhead Removal Suction Beauty Machine

  • 品牌: Real Bubee
  • 型号: DCB9E0050
  • 功能: 其他/other
  • 颜色分类: 梦幻白-ZF3
  • 是否震动: 否
  • 供电方式: 插头充电
  • 档位: 5档以上
  • 适用场景: 家用
Brands Real Bubee
Model number RBX-901
How it works Other
Color classification Peach powder plus purchase collection priority delivery fresh blue Taro purple glacier white mint blue lemon green
Production enterprises Ningbo real Bobbi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
Article no. RBX-901
Power supply Inductive charging
Whether the vibration frequency can be adjusted Yeah.
Can I change the brush head No

No need to hold(handfree


Imported hydrogel stickers


Promoting absorption of eye essence


Small and portable,lightweight,Carring it anywhere you go


56 LED lamp beads, 28 times cold light skin rejuvenation


20 minutes, locks skin moisture and restores skin soft and supple


633nm red light promotes cell metabolism and diminishes eye wrinkle


LED cold light, does not produce high heat, no need to worry about skin damage or discomfort


  • 9 Body Composition Indicators
  • User-friendly app
  • Auto-recognition for up to 10 users and guest mode available
  • Offline weight and body fat display
  • Smart reminders
  • Tempered glass surface, easy to clean
  • Bluetooth 4.1 (Support mainstream Android & iOS devices)
  • Weighing range: 2.5-150kg
  • Power source: 4 x AAA batteries

Accurate Measurement:
The built-in high-precision sensor can accurately perceive 100g changes. The eaten food, drink milk tea can be easily quantified, which can scientifically manage your weight.
Easy to Read LED Screen:
Best color temperature and brightness display, and the weight value is clear at a glance. After standing and measuring, the result flashes three times, and the reading is more clear.
Elegant Look & Sleek Design:
Feather white tempered glass scale surface 26*26cm, simple and strong, not easy to damage. Compact body shape saves space, skid pad design, stable and safer.
Intelligent Power Saving:
The body scale auto starts and the display screen lights on when you step on it, stable measurement and after 10s, the scale will be off and the screen shutdown.

Note: Powered by 3 AAA batteries (NOT included), please buy in addition.


1. Accurate and reliable – Use Germany high quality sensor for infrared thermometer
2. Rechargeable battery, easy to recharge and reuse
3. Measure Forehead only contact to ensure the accurate temperature
4. Recall last 12 readings for easy track


Product Type: fashion LED night light makeup mirror
Main material: ABS + glass
LED color temperature: 6500K / 3500K
LED lumens: 28-30lm (single)
Battery type: 6000mAh 18650 Li-ion battery ( included )
Highlight time: 3 hours
Rated input: 5V 2A
Rated power: maximum output 6W


Why facial steamers are good for the skin? The process of steaming is good for the skin since it is not toxic. It is very natural because it only uses water vapour to cleanse your face. This device is ideal for you when you want to get rid of stubborn dirt and grime from your face.

Another skin benefit of face steaming is that it helps fight ageing. With the growing age, the dead skin doesn’t come out thus making you look dull and old. Steaming your face is good as it moistens the face, treats dry skin, tightens the skin, fights ageing and removes dead skin.

You can steam your face about 2 times a week without worrying about skin damage. If your skincare regimen includes a facial mask or serum, then you should steam your face just before applying the mask or serum. This way, the mask will be able to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Wash your face before steaming. While the water is heating, wash your face to remove makeup and dirt. Use a gentle face cleanser and warm water. Removing makeup and dirt is a must before steaming, because steaming opens up your pores, and anything on your face will be able to get inside and cause irritation or pimples to occur.

Steam for 10 minutes. Don’t steam your face for too long, or get too close to the hot water. The heat can cause inflammation if exposure is too high.


. Water supplement is the basis of all skin care, staying up late, seasonal sensitivity and other reasons make the skin water storage capacity reduced, dry, rough and dark problems are obvious. Our steamer only takes 6 minutes for the skin to take a deep breath and drink full water. Use three times a week to relax and enjoy skin care in a gentle hot and cold mist

2. Nano-level mist penetrates the deep bottom of the muscle. By using high-tech chips and ultra-high-speed vibration technology, water can be transformed into nano-particles, much smaller than the pore diameter, which can quickly penetrate into the bottom of the skin from the cuticle, and the skin can absorb water more easily.

3. Hot fog cleans and moisturizes your skin away from water-deficient skin. Hot fog fully opens pores, softens keratin and removes dirt. Skin moisturizes and brightens, relieving pressure. 220mL Large Water Tank. Hot fog and full water can be steamed for 25 minutes.

4. Cold fog can shrink pore, lock water and tighten skin, make the skin more elastic, and sensitive skin can also be used safely. Cold fog and full water can be steamed for 80 minutes, twice as long as similar face steamers can be used.

5. In an air-conditioned environment, dry radiation floating and sinking can cause skin dryness and itching, and the steaming facial apparatus can replenish water to the skin in time.

6. Winning three major patents with better quality. Invention patent(ZL201510017770.1), utility model patent (ZL201520023680.9), appearance design patent (ZL30024395.8)