Morphy Richards Portable Kettle
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Brand Morphy Richards
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  •  Portable Electric Kettle
  • two-layer vacuum
  • Thermal insulation kettle
  • 316 Stainless Steel Inner Liner

Quality selection

Reddot design award
Winner 2019

Small and exquisite drawing

Easy to carry in box

The one-piece simple design makes the whole body without any problems, and the luggage can be accom modated completely, so you can enjoy a cup of peace of mind at any time convenient for you.
Professionally designed for travel, 100-240 V with a large number of voltage settings, multi-country configuration, versatile, convenient for global travel, while overheating protection, self-pow er failure without hidden dangers

316 stainless steel |

Peace of mind and health

316 stainless steel is mainly used in medical equipment, corrosion resistant and not easy to balance, safe and odorless;
Corrosion resistant pH is better than odorless 304 stainless steel.

Double layer stainless steel vacuum external cold internal thermal insulation

316 stainless steel inner liner, 304 stainless steel outer layer, medum vacuum layer, realizing the cold inside it is ketHe body, touch the surface does not feel warm safe pouring water is not hot.

Graceful swan neck des ign loose and comfortable grip

Natural swan neck and 3600 micro-arc bottles satisfy thecurve palm and comfort ktp ust in your hand. 20190605_142124_09320190605_142124_09420190605_142124_09520190605_142124_09620190605_142124_097
One piece design
Power cord for storage,
'Wireless' elements provide enhanced convenience;
One-click start,
More restrained;
Note: Please turn on the power after the water is bolled.
Type of buckle cover,
Click to hide
Open the lid easier;
Disc heating element,
Continuous boiling water on its side,
More than 6,000 times.
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