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  • Capacity of 3.7L
  • Right Portion on time
  • App/Cloud Control
  • Jam & Shortage alert
  • Invisible Slot for Power Bank
  • Live Viewing
  • Two-way voice
  • Video & Photo Capture
  • Alerts on phone

Material:ABS with BioCleanAct
Power:2xAAA Battery(Include)

Operations Guide
-When using, four feet must be laid flat to ensure uniform force.
-After starting the machine and seting flat, press the open key then put the food inside.
-Long press the open key for 3 seconds to switch the weighing unit(g/lb/ml/oz).
-Be careful to keep the water temperature below 50 degrees when cleaning
-The device will be automatically shut down when not use it for a long time(press the start button after the bowl is empty next time).


Product Description:

1. 100% brand new and high quality.
2. Name:  PETKIT Smart Cold and Warm Pet Bed
3. Material:  Plastic
4. Color:White
5. Product Size: 430*423*390 mm
External machine Size:  110*110*54 mm
6. Product Weight: 6kg
7. Wireless connections: 2.4G WIFI connection
8. Rated voltage: 6VDC
9. Rated power: 17.4W / 2900 mA
10. Recommended pet: Cat ,Small Dog

11.General heating range: room temperature +15 degrees
Cooling range: room temperature -10 degrees
Note: between 15-42 degrees  (Considering the use of the product and the safety of the pet, we set the max and min temperature between 15-42 degrees)

  • In order to provide more comprehensive protection and bring back the fresh air, we designed two different working modes: PURA remove odor automatically when pets enter the detection range, solves problem from the source; Under the intermittent mode, PURA runs every six hours automatically to keep air fresh all day
  • The high polymer soild air freshener extracted from around 20 pure plants is safe and non-toxic, it can remove odor and refresh air as well as decompose the odor molecles such as nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide, etc. In addition, it also helps to promptly suppress the decay of microoraganisms contained in odors and prevent bacterial growth. (*PETKIT Solid Air Freshener can work for about three months)The high polymer solid air freshener extracted from around 20 pure plants is safe and non-toxic, i
  • With the designed concept coming from insect’s compound eyes, we equip the PURA AIR with an inrared thermal system, which can identify automatically when pets enter the detection range, it makes the PURA AIR more sensitive and accurate
  • The negative ion generator placed in PURA AIR can release high-activity negative ions to deactivate virus. The negative ions also help to adsorb dust and tiny ash, inhibiting bacteria and decreasing the dust to purify the air.
  • Placed five odor removal air ducts in different tilt angles, multiple jetting angles make the aroma diffused to bigger coverage

-Ramate quickly and efficiently a lot of mess -Need to remove pet fur, hair or lint from your clothes, furniture, sofa, carpet, bedding, pants or even your car interior? No problem! Our brush works wonders for keeping these fur-free areas free of unwanted fur, hair or lint; an essential cleaning tool for your clothes and furniture! 
-Push to push - tear off the paper, then the hair will come off, save your time. 
Satisfied customer buying experience - It's time to easily remove stuffed animals and pet hair.

  • For All Dogs And Cats
  • Pet Drinking Fountain For Highest Quality Of Drinking Water
  • Reddot Design Award Winner
  • Triple Purifiying System For Safe, Fresh & Clean Water
  • Quiet Yet Energy Saving Pet Fountain
  • Automatic Alert Indicator For Water Shortage & Filter Replacement

1. 100% brand new and high quality. 
2. Item: PETKIT dog clean foot cup 
3. Color: white 
4. Size: S: 95 * 95 * 126mm 
M: 105.5 * 105.5 * 150mm 
5. Material: Silicone + ABS

  • 【RELIABLE DESIGN】:Working like a pet sitter, PETKIT mini cat feeder be able to feed your cat or puppy from anywhere and at anytime. Remotely set times to feed your pet automatically or choose to do a manual feeding from your mobile device instantly. Best auto pet feeder for dogs and cats. Requires a wireless router 2.4GHz (802.11b/g/n)
  • 【FOOD NEVER STUCK AUTOMATIC PET FEEDER】: According to the bionics principle, PETKIT creates a self-adaption system with a back-plate, food mixing blade and silicone impeller Food will dispense unhindered and don’t worry about pets hunger
  • 【FEED YOUR PET WHILE YOU’RE AWAY】: timer programming, control your dog or cat’s feeding time and amount from anywhere. Up to 10 meals a day, dispense from 1-20 portions per meal, each portion is 5g(food sizes minus 12 mm). Also can add new feeding plan whenever or use MANUAL FEEDING BUTTON
  • 【KEEPS FOOD ALWAYS FRESH】: 360°food grade Soft Silicone Sealing Ring on the food outlet door and the top of the lid inside of the machine keeps your pet’s food wet and fresh throughout the day. Do remember to change the desiccant packs after every 30 days to ensure the food’s maximum freshness!
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN AND USE】: all parts of the auto pet food feeder can be washed and wiped with a damp cloth. The bottom of the unit features 4 traction grips for anti-skid. Plugs into any AC wall unit and features a battery backup option(4 x AA batteries, batteries not included). Features a simplistic modern design with a unique door lifting food exit valve