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1, multi-National, 100-240 V wide voltage
2, functional lock design, fireproof fireproof housing, removable charging head, compact and easy to carry
3, type-C interface, support for fast charging QC3.0; USB interface, support fast charging PD3.0
4, 8A overload fuse to ensure the safe use of electricity


100% Aluminum-megnesium alloy framed, so durable and firm.
Wheel: elastic mute universal spinner wheel.
Fingerprint unlock, touch like smart phone, safe and convenient.
3 layer design, 4 durable foot pad, 74 lighting halvanized rivet.


* 2 in 1: insulating cup + electric kettle with built-in hidden power cord
* One control button and switch boiling / Warm mode
* 304 stainless steel liner and anti-high temperature of the case
* Protection against drying of water: Automatic power off when boiled water
* 360 degrees anti water leakage, high tightness and safe use.

  • Made of flame retardant material, safe and durable.
  • USB port can provide up to 2.4 amps of power, charge faster and save time.
  • Multiple protections for over charging, over currents, and over heating.
  • Compatible with most mobile phones.
  • Lightweight and compact for convenient portability.

VAGO, however, presents a powerful palliative.

With one handy little device, you can shrink your soft items such as clothes and towels into a vacuum package, whether it’s to seperate the dirty from the clean, to free up space in your luggage or, if you’re really going for it, maybe even fit your bits into a smaller bag. VAGO’s smart sensor automatically stops, when the vacuuming is done, and is easily powered via a micro USB charging port, after using it once, you will never travel without it!



1. Integrating the strong intelligent mobile technology into daily customer goods. Innovative technology gives suitcase industry a brand-new concept.
2. Innovative somatosensory bracelet provides you and your suitcase with a distinctive interaction experience.
3. CO-SMART Intelligent Lock + Charge on the Move Solve hassles of travel.
4. Distance alarm system enhances your travel security.
5. Laser Radar Following Technology Machine Vision AI Technology makes it possible to identify the owner instantly and start following.
6. With multi-terrain adaptive dynamical system, Rover can follow on: carpet, marble pavement, cement road, blind alley, airport conveyors and etc.
7. If it runs out of power and stop following, the bracelet indicator light will keep flashing red to remind the owner.

  • Comfortable hand - Ergonomically enhanced bag quality
  • Metal zipper - High quality double metal zipper head is beautiful
  • Good screen transparency - Matte material , can effectively eliminate reflection 
  • S-type shoulder strap honeycomb heat dissipation design 
Product Details
An inflatable pillow that plumps up generously in one puff, yet compacts small. Bring along the everyday comfort you deserve.
  • Inflated: 383 mm (w) x 140 mm (d) x 725 mm (h)
  • Packed: 200 mm (h) x 32.5 mm (r)
  • Weight: 150g
  • Cut-proof material, will not be easily cut and durable
  • Built-in multiple pockets for exclusive passports, mobile phones, change, pen pockets, and key rings!
  • The built-in USB interface, easy to charge your phone anytime, anywhere
  • Anti-splashing material, not afraid of rain
  • Super strong straps
Stretchable handlebar
Smart APP on Luggage
Removable battery
USB charger
Strong motor
One-button auto-stretch
Mobile charging station
High-definition LED display
Overcharge protection
Current limitation protection
Temperature protection

Airwheel SE3Mini rideable carry-on suitcase can travel 6km/h. It is lightweight, and can easily convert from motor to pull-behind use.

Aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame to reinforce the suitcase at all sides, strong enough to hold the external pressure, providing a stress-free riding experience.

Original designed for safety, beauty is unexpected. Intelligent lighting system give indication and attract more attention during riding. It make you handsome and dazzling at night.

Side open design, 26L large capacity, reasonable scientific division, easy to access

Integrated acceleration handle and electronic brake, while pressing the double handle, the suitcase can reverse, simple operation, free travelling.

Combined with German-imported PC cover and Taiwan Chi Mei ABS, waterproof, scratch-resistant and not easy to be deformed. Greatly improve the compression resistance and provide a solid guarantee for traveling

Ergonomic design, feel comfortable, experienced thousands of load-bearing tensile tests, well selected quality, long lifetime.

smart riding suitcase, the size meets the air boarding standard, REMOVABLE power bank, it can be smoothly carried on for boarding.