XiaoMi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner ( Wired ) | 85,000 RPM Speed | UV ultraviolet sterillzation | PTC auxiliary hot air [ Aihome ]
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Product SKU XiaoMi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner
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Size (L x W x H) 18 cm x 40 cm x 10 cm
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Mijia Dust Mite Wireless Vacuum

Original Malaysia Warranty 1 Year

Product Detail of XiaoMi Mijia Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner ( Wired ) | 85,000 RPM Speed | UV ultraviolet sterillzation | PTC auxiliary hot air [ Aihome ]

- Uses an 80000 rpm high-speed motor and has a powerful 12kPa suction

- Adopts a multi-vertex cyclone separation technology to absorb 99.97% of particles

- 5-step cleaning way: Tapping/Sweep/Suck/Sterilize/Dry

- 254.7nm UV Light, 99% sterilization

- PTC heating system spreads comfortable pure air

- 50℃ hot air drying, destroy the living environment of mites

- 20cm open-type large suction port

- Storage/charge integrated design

- HEPA filter, easy disassemble, reusable after washing and drying

- Light-weight portable design Wired MJCMY01DY Specification:

- Rated voltage: 220V~

- Rated frequency:50Hz

- Watt : 350W 12KPA

- Noise: < 78dB

- Product weight:2.3 kg

- Product size:248*221*139mm


1 × MIJIA Mites Removal Machine

1 x Manual



Mijia wireless mite removal instrument

Professional performance,Deeply remove dust mites and allergens

Technological breakthrough Create a pure home environment

12800 times/minute High-frequency rolling flap

Compared with local flapping,the main brush rolling flap has a large striking area and large amplitude,whitch can effectively destroy the hooking mechanism of the mite claws,hit the deep layer of the mattress to the surface of the fabric,and remove the mites more easily and thoroughly.

20cm glue hair one V-shaped roller brush

The main brush adopts a soft and hard integrated design of silicone leather strip + microfiber material,and is also equipped with a built-in independent motor,which can effectively reducing hair entanglement and caring for fabrics.

16000Pa super strong suction

Precision high-speed brushless motor,high-efficiency output of 16000Pa super strong wind pressure,strong power directly to the deep fiber of the mattress,greatly lifed the mite removal instrument from household level to professional level,and the suction effect is visible to the naked eye.

Deep purification UV sterilization rate is as high as 99%

It releases 253.7nm C-segment ultraviolet rays to promote the fusion of the base pairs of the pathogenic organisms DNA,and the sterilization rate is as high as 99%.When the brush head of the mite removal instrument is raised,the UV lamp is automatically turned off to avoid damage from UV leakage.

Wired version MIJIA Mite Eliminator

PTC Assisted hot air dehumidification

Equipped with a PTC heating system,the air outlet delivers pure hot air to the surface of the fabric at the moment of opening,reducing the moisture inside the mattress and destroying the living environment of mites and bacteria.

85000 rpm High-speed brushless motor

Equipped with a brand new 85000 rpm high-speed brushless motor,surging power refresh,a new era of power of the mite removal instrument.

Multi-cone cyclone separation system Efficient separation,exhaust clean air

The Mijia Wireless Mite Eliminator breaks through the volume limitation and creatively implants multi-cone cyclone separation technology to achieve quadruple filtration and absorb up to 99.97% of dust and allergens,avoid secondary air pollution,and ensure that the suction power is not attenuated.


2 Levels of suction,one key switch Adapt to different cleaning scenarios

Sunken design Close fit

The bottom of the fuselage has a large contact surface,the weight sink evenly,and it seamlessly fits the surface of the mattress,increasing the airtightness of the whole machine and the mattress.At the same time,the 20cm open suction port can effectively prevent the bed sheet from getting involved and ensure the best suction effect.

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1 x Dust Mite Cleaner

1 x Chinese Manua