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Xiaomi Wireless Power bank 10000mAh Qi Fast Wireless Charger
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Product SKU Wireless Power bank 10000mAh Qi
Brand Xiaomi
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  • 10000mAh (3.7V, 37W), real output at 6000mAh (5V,3A)

  • Max 10W Qi Wireless Charging, and 7.5W Max for iPhone Wireless Charging

  • Support to Charger 3 device at the same time,  Wireless Charging+ USB-C Output + USB-A Output


Wireless fast charging anytime, anywhere,

No need to connect

With mobile phone case can also charge


10w Wireless fast charge

The phone can be charged when it is put on,no need to connect

  3 devices can be charged simultaneously

1 wireless + 2 USB charging device

Can be carried on the plane,Smart chips can guarantee security

Qi Wireless standard,iphone Samsung mobile phone is also available


3 devices can be charged simultaneously

Wireless, wired are fast charging

10W wireless fast charging, and two single-port output 18W high-speed wired interface. Wireless charging mobile phone devices that support Qi protocol can be charged simultaneously with wired charging electronic devices such as cameras, game consoles, and Macbooks.


10W wireless high power

Mobile charging into the era of fast charging

Anytime, anywhere, charging treasure turned into a desktop wireless charger. With a large sensing range, you can charge it by tapping the button and tapping the button. The vertical sensing distance is 5mm, and it can be charged with the phone case.


18WUSB-C two-way fast charging interface charging, self-charging, all one step faster.

Supporting maximum power of 18W for fast charging, the time of full can be greatly shortened. Intelligent recognition of the equipment required by the built-in chip at the time of output


Certified by Qi standard

Smart compatible with different mobile phones, iPone and Samsung mobile phones can also charge

Compliant with the wireless charging standard introduced by the Wireless Charging Alliance, compatible with Qi wireless Charging smart devices, more devices are available.


2 mobile phones + 1 camera full of electricity,and there is electricity.

10000mAh high power

Using high-quality lithium-ion polymer batteries, the large amount of power can provide long-lasting battery life for smart devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and digital cameras, and lasting for work and life.


Going out, desktop, wireless charging

 Xiaomi wireless power bank is not only a wireless charger on the desk, but also a wireless power bank that can be carried around, allowing you to charge anytime, anywhere.


Aluminum alloy metal casing is resistant to falling and collision, and the grip is good and practical.

One-piece metal case, high strength, resistant to falling and collision. The arc design allows for a single hand grip for a more comfortable grip. The non-slip soft elastic paint used in the charging panel has a good touch when it is non-slip.


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What's in the box

1 x Xiaomi Wireless Power Bank 10000 mAh

1 x User manual in Chinese